Find Your Place to Change Lives at Journey


We believe that one of the best ways for you to find your place to belong at Journey is by joining one of our teams. In fact, we’ve found that unless you find a place to plug in at a church, you’re not likely to stick around for long.

Not just at Journey, but anywhere!

We have many teams at Journey that are filled with other Partners who volunteer their time and energy to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope.

We don’t want you to just find somewhere that you can fill a spot or take up space. We want to help you find a team that not only helps you to serve out of your gifts and strengths, but that also allows you to feel like you’re helping to change people’s lives.

Teams help us to get to know others at Journey and provide a way for us to tangibly point everyone to absolute Hope. It takes hundreds of volunteers every month to make Journey practically happen, and we want to help you to be a part it.